Bike Service



  • We have been fixing your neighbors bikes since 1986 
  • We have a track record of providing high quality service at fair prices
  • Here is a list of our most popular services.  The listed prices are for labor only and don't include parts 
  • Additional surcharges may be added on parts purchased elsewhere


General Tune-Up

General Service includes; wheel-on wheel true, 4 bearing adjustment, derailleur & brake adjustments, check bolt torque, lubricate all pivot points, and general cleaning. Additional labor is charged for new component and accessory installation.


Bicycle Assembly GBC


Install Inner Tube w/ rear motor, training wheels, and/or chainguard


Install Inner Tube 


Bleed Hydraulic Brake


Install Hydraulic Brake (additional charges will be added for internal cable routing)


Install Fork (includes headset overhaul)


Install Chain (w/ derailleur adjustment)


Accessory Installation 

Child Seat, Computer, Rack, Fender


Bicycle Assembly Standard 


True Wheel


Build Wheel


Bicycle Assembly 

Full Suspension, Adult Trike, Recumbent 


Adjustment (derailleur or brake)



Bottom Bracket, Headset, Hub 


Disassemble and Pack 

Price includes used cardboard bike box


Hourly Shop Rate 

Our flat rates are based on a $90/hour shop rate.  Sometimes, we don't have a flat rate assigned to a service or some times the job takes considerably longer to complete than expected.  Either way, we reserve the right to adjust pricing to accommodate the length of the service.  If a price adjustment is necessary, we will notify the customer before said service is complete.